About Team Certified

We promote the positive development of today’s youth, through training. Training of mind, body and attitude: Anybody Can Get It …


TEAM CERTIFIED was formed on April 11, 2012 with the goal of taking as many youth off the streets and showing them Love, Discipline, life skills, cognitive thinking, rational thinking and exposing them to a world in which they can assist them in turning dreams into reality. A diverse group of men in our community and neighbouring decided to act instead of talking about the crisis that face our youth of today. All lives matter to this multi-cultural boxing team  Consisting of members that hold legal professional positions in our community’s throughout Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Ernie Haines was elected head training coach because of his experience with children and in the Boxing world. He at one point in his life was a highly recognized Fighter taught by those who produced world champions.

The goal is to turn boys and girls into professional men and women in order to enrich the generation’s that they will someday bring forth to this world. We believe in fixing the future, not the past! If you’d like to donate to our cause please feel free to bless us ….. www.gofundme.com/Team-CF

Every donation is greatly appreciated an no amount is too small. Let’s love all and get control of our ( youth) the future. If not, may God help us all.